Our Doctors

Sung chul Park, M.D.

Dr. Park is a plastic surgeon. After years of dedication, experience and research, Dr. Park is now one of the most recognized and respected surgeon in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast. He has also developed a particular interest in revisionary breast surgery, and performs a number of other body contouring procedures. Dr. Park is intensely committed to providing the best result that can be achieved in the safest manner possible.

Jia Kim, M.D.

Jia Kim, M.D., a breast surgeon, specializes in surgical oncology. She specialized in breast cancer screening and performs all types of breast surgery, including Nipple sparing mastectomy, and highly specialized microsurgical techniques which employ abdominal tissue and preserve the muscle).

Ji hye Park, M.D.

Dr.Ji-hye Park is a surgeon who specializes in breast surgery and thyroid surgery. In particular, they have clinical experiences related to breast disease and are highly skilled in accessory breasts removing and mammotome operation the breasts.

Cecilia Lee, M.D.

Dr. Lee is board-certified anesthesiologists specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Lee knows what woman want and enjoys helping people feel good all the time of surgery.

Seung ja Kim, M.D.

Dr. Seung ja Kim, M.D., a breast radiologist. She also specialized in breast cancer screening and detection of other cancer.